Introduction of He-Ping elementary school in Nantou county


He-Ping elementary school was found in 1952. It located on Jiji Township. Each class is small, no more then 20 students in it.

In addition to learning, there are several sport teams for kids. Children play table tennis, baseball, soccer, basketball and The drum drill twice a week. Some of them go dancing or join kid band. The drum drill and kid band got prize in 2005- 2008 competition of Nantou County. It courage students and make them learning hard.

English language learning is important in globalization. We joined the American Schweitzer’s Program lasting 4 years. Teacher Lauren came to teach English one day a week. Many students like English class.

We educated kids with love. The visions of school are excellent, technology, performance, humanities and innovation. Every teacher will do the goals by their action.

Compus of He-Ping elementary school
The kid’s band
The Drum Drill
The Drum Drill
Table tennis team
Baseball team
English activity
The visions of He-Ping elementary school